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I'm Trevor , owner of Book and Bag Travel Agency. I started Book and Bag Travel in 2017 after realizing I was the go to person for putting together adventurous vacation packages for my family and friends. It gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment to be the pillar of travel planning. My passion for helping people travel the world inspired me to start my business at the age of twenty-seven. Although I possessed little knowledge of starting and operating a travel agency, my diligence and determination manifested into greatness. 
Book and Bag Travel specializes in romance and group travel, specifically to Mexico and the Caribbean. I was fortunate enough to grow my business and generated almost one million dollars in revenue over the course of my first two years. 
Each year I create one personal group trip and travel with up to fifteen guests. I have discovered that people love to travel, but often times do not want to travel alone, so the group travel trips are designed with those people in mind. The group travel trips have been to destinations such as Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, France, and more. I pride myself on traveling to destinations and properties that I sell. I always tell clients that no one wants to work with a travel agent who doesn't travel because it personifies my clients’ booking experiences. 
Over the years, I have been able to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with business development managers and members of tourism boards, which has opened the door for me to experience a lot first hand. In just a short time, I have had the honor and opportunity to be featured in Travel Agent Magazineas a Top 30 Under 30 Travel Advisor, a 2019 Top Producer, and the Rock Star Rookie Agent for Destination Weddings, among a host of other achievements. 
I credit this recognition to my passion for travel and willingness to learn from others in the industry. I have also embraced the opportunity to mentor other agents across the U.S.  If I could give any advice it would be to understand that this industry is like a tidal wave; sometimes it is high and other times it is low. You have to be willing to ride the wave. You have to confidently know that there will be times you will fall off, but if you get back up and get on again, the tide will definitely rise- again.
- Trevor K. Williams


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