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The best way to practice social distancing is from 2,000 miles away!

If you're like us, then we're ready for a change of sentry, ready to hang out with family again and chill by the pool with friends. What better way to do all this than with a group trip. There is no more significant bonding experience than traveling with friends. Here at Book and Bag Travel, we think that group travel is beneficial in so many ways.

Reasons to travel in a group:

  • Brings you closer to your travel companions because you see them in all their forms.

  • You can joint pack saving room in the suitcase for all the goodies you'll be bringing home.

  • Saves money by traveling together, because now you have someone to split the cab fare with and may resorts and hotels give group discounts.

  • You may be more willing to try new foods and adventures with the encouragement of your friends.

  • There will be so many more pictures to share among the group.


Here at Book and Bag Travel, group travel is what dreams are made of! We design and schedule personalized group trips for clients throughout the year to plan the perfect trips for:

  • Friends

  • Family reunions

  • Guys getaways

  • Girlfriend trips

  • Company retreats

What our team can offer you:

  • Consultation call with you and a co-planner to learn more about your group and discuss your trip's vision.

  • Detailed itinerary planning based off of expectations, experiences, and budget.

  • Coordinate all details of travel for the group.

  • Schedule extra activities, such as special meals, theater tickets, excursions, etc.

  • Passport assistance and reminders.

  • Knowledge and experience from a team of planners that can help provide the best group travel experience possible.

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