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Did you know you should start planning your honeymoon 8 to 10 months out?

Most couples send 13 to 18 months planning their wedding day yet only 3 - 6 months planning their honeymoon that will last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Your honeymoon is a sacred trip between you and your spouse and should have the proper time and planning.

Where to start:

  • Start dreaming with your fiance' about different destinations you would like to visit.

  • Discuss the different experiences you would like to have together. 

  • Set a budget. Will this be a splurge or savings?

  • Schedule a consultation call with our knowledgeable staff to start planning all the details of your dream honeymoon.


Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination can be trying if you are not familiar with what each destination offers you. Different locations offer an array of experiences, whether you're looking for a relaxing retreat full of spa days in the Caribbean or an adventure honeymoon in Europe. We are here to make all your honeymoon dreams come true!

What our team can offer you:

  • Consultation call with you and your partner to learn more about you as a couple and discuss your honeymoon vision.

  • Detailed honeymoon itinerary planning based off of expectations, experiences, and budget.

  • Coordinate all details of travel for the couple.

  • Schedule extra activities, such as romantic dinners, spas,  excursions, and more.

  • Passport assistance and reminders.

  • Knowledge and experience from a team of planners that can help provide you the best honeymoon experience possible.

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